In 2004, Timo von Kriegstein, initiator of unmarked_space, participated in the Watermill Summer Program by Robert Wilson which takes place every year on Long Island, New York.
Inspired by the encounter of diverse artists in a natural surrounding the idea has been developed to create a festival on an island at the shore of the Baltic Sea.




The culture week is hosted by the friendly societey unmarked_space e.V. represented by


Timo von Kriegstein, stage designer / artist, Hamburg
Silja von Kriegstein, actress, Hamburg
Nikolai Plath, actor, Berlin.




Unmarked_space invites about 70 selected artists to the festival every year.




Unmarked_space is a cultural overture for the region. Both in the fieldworks, the think-tanks and the performances visitors are most welcome. The public has the opportunity to gain insight into the processes of artistic work and to be in straight contact with the artists. The festival offers a culture workshop to the region which is based – besides other established forms / modes – on flexibility, directness and openness.


Unmarked_space is subdivided into:


Field Research


A lot of creative work on cultural projects takes place at the start-up period in which the courses for later outcomes are set. For the artists the field research provide an environment exempt from conventions or which pools those in a way that something new can emerge out of them. The field research take place during daytime on the entire island and are open to the public. First results will be presented within the duration of the culture week.


Think tanks


In those discussion forums participators and guests will find the opportunity to enter into a dialog and to exchange thoughts on the key topic of the culture week on the basis of existing and emerging works.




The programm of the weekend will be a mix of different themes, i.e. theatre plays, author readings, dance performances and music concerts.
Artists and guests will be spectators at the same time.